Naomi & Oneil ~ Sneak Preview

“If we were to describe Amber in three words they would be; captivating, passionate and extraordinary.
We were blown away by her charismatic smile and wonderful personality. We had an instant connection.
She is a dedicated artist and a wonderful professional photographer.

AKR’s albums feel authentic and are hand crafted to perfection with an exquisite attention to detail. They

narrate a beautiful story filled with emotion, evoking messages of love, happiness and joy in their purest

forms.  Amber’s unique ability to capture pictures manually, with the highest level of skill, is what enables

those moments to become memorable and timeless. She brings out the very best of you in your most

natural and genuine state - we couldn't help but smile!

Everyone at our wedding was impressed. Her guidance and assistance throughout the day was invaluable

and allowed us to celebrate the day with comfort and complete trust. We highly recommend Amber! - 10/10!”


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